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Host or Produce A Show


Have you ever had a great idea? Of course you have. Have you ever thought of a great idea for a “show”? How far did you let your imagination take it? Did you develop that idea? Or did it get wadded up and thrown in the trash? Another brilliant idea in the garbage. Why did you stop thinking about it? Did you say to yourself, “this could never REALLY happen”? Well, that was then. RadioSEEN is now!

We help you make your show a reality. How you may ask? First you meet with our Concept Specialist to help you imagine how your show could be produced on the RadioSEEN network. You imagine the possibilities and then, you make it happen. What a novel idea! What does your show look like? What is it called? How long is it? Who watches it? RadioSEEN guides you through the process of designing your show, helps you find sponsorship to bring in revenue, and develops a social media strategy; from concept to completion, from the inside of your clever noggin to the rest of the world. Now sit back and think about that for minute.

- Are you interested in being a RadioSEEN DJ, talk show host, or on-air personality?
- Are you Driven, Dedicated, and Punctual? 
- Do you have an idea or concept for a NEW and EXCITING show?  

If so, RadioSEEN.com is currently looking for YOU!

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a great commercial for your business? That commercial tells your story and makes an impression on your potential customers. In the past it has been very expensive to produce a commercial and even more expensive to broadcast it. We remember. BUT, that was then.RadioSEEN is now!

RadioSEEN can produce all kinds of knock-out commercials for any kind of budget. We use high-quality, high-definition video cameras, industry leading software and equipment. Our creative team can even help you develop the concept for your commercial, design logos, graphics, create background music, and integrate your brand in to the RadioSEEN network. Find a show or two you’d like to sponsor on RadioSEEN and put that commercial to work for you. Then you can upload your commercial on to your own business website or spread it any way you want. RadioSEEN is here to help you bring customers to your front door or your online store.

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We live in a digital world where video oftentimes tells our stories the best. It can be a hassle to produce it all yourself. That was then. RadioSEEN is now!

Consider RadioSEEN as the custom video production department for your business, church, school, organization, or for your own personal use. Maybe it’s your job to produce internal training videos for your growing company. Or perhaps it could be a video presentation to new clients. They’ve got to look professional and attractive. Outsource that work to RadioSEEN and get the job done easily. Is your church or school looking to expand into the digital era and educate people using new media? Let RadioSEENi help you out and get the job done. If you’re a musician looking to produce a high-quality music video, RadioSEEN can do that too! We’ll work with you and your music to make it something you’re proud to share with fans. No matter what video project you have, RadioSEEN is an affordable solution. So how can we help you?

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Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Genaral Manager and Program Director, RadioSEEN.com

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